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AERPRO®™ Certifications

The aerosol condensed fire extinguishing systems with potassium salts, designed and realized with the innovative Aerosol AERPRO™® technology, represent a valid and practical solution as an alternative to traditional gas, water and other extinguishing systems.

The linearity of the design, flexibility and easy of installation and maintenance, the total eco-compatibility and non-toxicity, together with a substantial reduction of costs and timing of construction, both application and further service, allow Aerosol AERPRO™® systems to solve many firefighting problems in a practical and safety way, both in civil and industrial sites.

Developed and built by a European producer leader in this trade, item certified by Competent Bodies and completely compliant to the International Regulations in extinguishing “clean agent”, Aerosol AERPRO™® system has already be used by main national and international Companies in telecommunications areas, Energy plants, credit areas, Information Technology, Healthy, electrical and mechanical  plants, commercial and pleasure yachting, rail transport, civil and industrial buildings, in Cultural and Architectural Heritage, in Logistics and National Defense.

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