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The new AERPRO® MARINE system of the AM800/4™ and AM800/10™ series is the optimal solution for the management and control of condensed aerosol shut-off systems, to protect all kinds of technical rooms.
The advantages are already known: it allows reduce considerably the weights and the dimensions compared to traditional systems, to eliminate pipes, cylinders, hydraulic and mechanical works, and requires a quick and easy installation, like an electrical system.
The maintenance is easy too and targeted, and in case of activation, for emergencies in navigation or far from points of arrival, the system offers the possibility to equip the boat with spare generators, so as to easily and immediately restore the system , bringing it back to its full functionality.
High performances electronics, complying with military standards, compact and reduced modules sizes, clear and comprehensible user information, modern fire-fighting system, eco-friendly, totally non-toxic for humans and not harmful to materials.
Engine room/machinery space, Control Room, galley, wheelhouse, bow thruster rooms, local fins, laundry rooms, fridge rooms, battery rooms, paints and maintenance materials rooms, lockers, and technical rooms of all kinds and in each position of the ship: the system can be sized according to the volume to be protected, and the management of each system can be centralized by the ship automation plant.

Economically convenient and technically successful choice for new installations, in the Refit area it represents the only chance to be able to replace, modernize and/or realize a shutdown system with rapid and reduced interventions, even guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability.

New constructions, Refit & Repair: for all needs one choice, practical and immediate / natural / evident!

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