In the new issue of TuttoBarche a small summary is available on the possibilities of a fire on board and instructions on how to intervene to prevent or put them out.

The article analyzes the sensitive points of the boat and the causes that could give rise to a fire.

The scenarios. Fires on board do not happen frequently but when they do occur they are lethal, certainly due to the extensive damage that the boat can suffer. The materials with which the boats are built are highly flammable (for example wood and fiberglass), this also applies to the interior fittings: upholstery, cushions, sails. Fighting a fire on board while sailing or mooring, then often becomes more difficult due to different elements: the wind plays its big part, but also the tight spaces, the panic of the crew, the insufficient supply of fire-fighting systems, lack of specific experience, are other concomitant factors that can turn for the worse.

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AERPRO at the Mets

AERPRO will also be present at the Mets Trade Show in Amsterdam, from 16 to 18 November 2021, at stand N.07.235, where it will exhibit together with Tema Sistemi.