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High-Tech Services

The experience gained in over 25 years of activity in collaboration with the most important nationally and internationally companies, allows the POLYTECHNO Professional team to offer a series of high-tech technical and specialist services of absolute quality and reliability.

Operational programs for building and plant systems such as thermography, TERP, georadar, x-graphia, management solutions for planning and risk analysis, for safety and security planning and management, energy consulting, computerized management of real estate assets aimed at global service activities: at the highest levels of competence to satisfy the most demanding requests.

Polytechno Network

To respond to the global economic crisis that has characterized the industrial development of the last three years, POLYTECHNO has created NETWORK®, the operational unit for the development of Special Projects, dedicated to the evolution of some interesting opportunities and business potentials concerning the development of activities and the acquisition of orders of a certain level, particularly in the foreign countries of North Africa, the Balkan Region and the Far East.

  • NETWORK® of POLYTECHNO is activating for the formation of a Partner Group with adequate technical, financial and managerial skills and with suitable professional and organizational references.
  • NETWORK® of POLYTECHNO is therefore interested in getting in touch with seriously and professionally available business realities to evaluate this original opportunity.

Interested parties can send their references to finance@polytechno-eng.com, indicating “KSA Project” as a reference. They will be contacted promptly to set up an in-depth meeting.

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