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The signposting systems program includes a complete range of products and typologies, and it is able to satisfy every need, both based on the technical point of view and on the level of each component made.
The KLC system offers a complete series of plates, panels and accessories, which can be assembled according to the needs, even the most sophisticated and specific, combining the visual necessities and the distinctive notes of high-level industrial design to perfection and with simplicity, elegant and linear.

The SPND system, modular and assembled, offers typologies of indications suitable for work environments rather than easily used in particular contexts, modern and of architectural value.

The DIAPASON system, of its own design and direct production, makes it possible to create customized modules for internal and external information signs, for visual communication, for ultra-thin light signs (patented model) and for accessories.

The PRO SAFE design, made by the DIAPASON project, includes a special selection of safety signs, including the GOLD model made of etched, glazed and vitrified brass, specially designed for museum environments and for important artistic and historical value environments.

The completeness of the range is a peculiarity of all the proposed systems, it allows the creation of an excellent CORPORATE image in the visual communication of company information.

For over 25 years, all systems have been used in leading national and international companies in the telecommunications, energy, credit, information technology, healthcare, electrical and mechanical systems, commercial and pleasure  yachting, railway transport, civil and industrial construction, cultural and architectural heritage, logistics, National Defense and so on.


The RELITE SL – Super Slim panel, made with eco-friendly materials and with low CO2 impact, is a unique product for light efficiency and light uniformity, perfectly combined with energy saving.
Its features, in addition to the patented technology worldwide, make it ideal for multiple uses:

– the installation or replacement of lighting fixtures from countertops or ceilings, the creation of signs and advertising signs (backlighting);

– inclusion in quality and design furnishing elements, and many other uses.
Its reduced thickness (4-6-8-10 mm), and the possibility to obtain any geometric shape with a wide range of custom sizes from mm. 60 × 60 to mm. 2990 × 1490, allow to make countless applications in the civil and industrial lighting sectors.

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