The AM800/4™ fire extinguishing unit, designed specifically for installations with Aerosol AERPRO™® technology, can work in manual or automatic mode, using a pre-set hardware selector.
The control unit has dedicated inputs for the fire detection, which use the LHD sensicable and/or two smoke-temperature sensors, with double approval activation.
The system, in normal operation, controls constantly all the connections, signalling any anomalies on the front panel, which also incorporates a beeper which can be silences and a check of the status of the signalling LEDs.

The system guarantees the release operation even in degraded conditions, thanks to internal batteries monitored by the microprocessor.
The frontal panel allows viewing in real time the status of all the controlled lines, as well as the possible activation of the sequence release of aerosol.


  • Control system management & activation of the fire extinguishing aerosol generators
  • MANUAL or AUTOMATIC mode of operations, adjustable by hardware
  • Fire, smoke and heat detection, with double approval if required
  • MASTER/SLAVE connection, up to three AM800/4™ central units & max. up to six aerosol generators
  • Control of four inputs: button, LHD cable, smoke/heat detector, SLAVE
  • Monitoring of all the powerline (in and out)
  • Separate control entrance for power supply
  • Two internal non rechargeable batteries, with verify of residual charge
  • Dry contact for external controlled siren and/or shut down activation (dampers, etc.)
  • Separate powerline for manual aerosol release activation
  • Two separate outputs for two aerosol generators
  • Output for generic central fault alert
  • Output for power supply FAULT alert (external main power/internal batteries)
  • Input and output status display on the frontal panel
  • Regulation of the time delay release by hardware, from 10 to 40 seconds