Four months after its first publication, AERPRO reappears on the coveted pages of Yacht Digest.

In the most recent issue of the most read browsable magazine in the world, the editorial team focuses its analysis on the importance of owning a fire extinguishing system on board, asking an emblematic question in the title: “AERPRO MARINE, how much is your life worth?”.

Flanked by twelve images in full HD, the article reveals the details and the linear operating logic behind the successes of the AERPRO system.

Here a significant passage: “The AERPRO Marine fire extinguishing system is effective, simple, economical and modular, an excellent solution to be mounted on board any type of boat. […] A very important factor that makes the system is the electronic control and command unit which, equipped with a bypass, makes operation infallible, even in the event of an electronics failure“.