Vigevano, 10/06/2020. POLYTECHNO Engineering S.r.l. and Tema Sistemi S.p.A. announce a new Commercial Partnership.

POLYTECHNO Engineering and Tema Sistemi S.p.A., an international company specialized in the design, production and maintenance of certified fire systems and products, join forces for the commercialization of Water Mist Systems.

The team, thus formed, can guarantee a rapid and competitive response to customer requests, both in terms of technical design and from an economic point of view.

«Aquatech® and Aquatech® Deluxe are our flagship products in the field of Water Mist, authentic technological revolutions capable of protecting prestigious and luxury environments» – declares Tema Sistemi – «We are firmly convinced that this Exclusive Distribution Agreement with POLYTECHNO Engineering, worldwide for the yachting sector, will bring strengthened and lasting satisfaction between the Parties».

Aquatech®, able to provide multiple solutions, bases its success on flexible adaptability at high or low pressure, remaining constantly able to maximize the power of the water.

The Deluxe model, on the other hand, can count on an incomparable advantage: the retractable” nozzles are the smallest available on the international market, making the system practically invisible, with zero architectural impact. It appears only when it is active to extinguish the fire.

Certified and 100% eco-compatible solutions, drastically reduce water consumption, damage to the environment and recovery times. Winning alternatives to traditional sprinkler systems are developed and perfectly compatible with any type of control and fire detection on the market.

Aquatech® and Aquatech® Deluxe are already available. For further information contact POLYTECHNO Engineering S.r.l. at +39 0381 71182 or by email at and