With a long and detailed article entitled “AERPRO® Marine: how much is your life worth?”, The International Yachting Media editorial team continues the study of POLYTECHNO Engineering products by boarding the explorer 126/42 “Ocean’s Four”.

Accompanied by 18 exclusive High Definition images, the article specifically reveals the operation and procedure for using an AERPRO® Marine system to cover multiple areas on board (e.g. engine room, laundry, refrigerator department, etc.) without any impact on aesthetics and design.

The captain of the boat declares to The International Yachting Media microphones: “Installation is quick, the system is reduced, minimally invasive and does not require maintenance, its operation is very simple, intuitive and not dangerous for the crew“.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: https://www.yachtingmedia.com/magazine/aerpro-marine-how-much-is-your-life-worth.html